Sixth Grade Scientists

6 11

As the 2017-2018 school year comes to an end, we reflect on events like Sports Day and others that allow us to enjoy our St. Mel’s community.  The sixth grade would like to let you in on what we’ve been up to lately.  In Science, we have been learning about the body systems and how our bodies work.  Also, we’ve been learning more about how we impact our environment, both positively and negatively.  Learning about and appraising our impacts can help us take better care of the planet that God has blessed us with.  In Social Studies, we are visiting Africa and learning about the Kingdoms and diverse cultures that make up the continent.  Prior to that, we examined the cultures of Medieval and Renaissance Europe.  Exploring the cultures of Europe allows us to get more in touch with the societies where many of us have our roots.  Learning about these influential cultures allows us to see where we have come from, and maybe get an idea where we as a civilization are going.  Here at St. Mel’s we nourish the mind; and the soul as well.  Our 6th grade continues its faith journey, learning about the roots of Christianity.  We hope all of you have had a great 2018 so far and that it stays that way.  The 6th Grade would like to sincerely wish everyone a safe, happy, healthy, and faith filled summer.