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Teacher: Ms. Nelson


Welcome to second grade!

Together, I hope to work as a team to motivate your child to be the best student and, quite honestly, the best humans they can be. For me, school isn’t just about teaching reading, writing, math, social studies, and science; that is all super important, of course, but the big lessons they learn in school are how to socialize, how to be kind, how to succeed, and even how to fail gracefully and to learn from these failures.  The hardest thing about being a teacher is helping your children navigate LIFE and the many choices they will make as they spend 7 hours a day, five days a week with me. Do you have any idea how many decisions they make during our school day?  It’s a lot!  I hope to help them make the best decisions possible! Together, I hope that we are able to motivate and inspire your children to grow academically, spiritually and emotionally.  My goal is to have you, the parents, say:  “Wow, what positive changes I’ve seen in my child this year.”  My job is to help them need both of us much less and to create independent learners who are not afraid to take educational risks, but who know they are being nurtured and that they have a teacher who is “there” for them when they need her.  My task is to teach them to be independent and responsible.  After all, a child who is not permitted to make at least some decisions and to learn from them, either positively or negatively, will not learn to be a responsible adult who accepts the consequences for bad choices nor the true joys of having achieved success on their own.



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