Principal Schneider’s July Message

Dear Parents,

Only three weeks into the summer, and St. Mel’s is already bustling. From prospective families taking tours, to our dedicated staff beautifying the building, our Academy is already preparing for the 2018-2019 school year.

There’s no denying that St. Mel’s is a special place for the students, as a community of faith and one of academic challenges. From the moment I had the opportunity to meet the students at the meet-and-greet, I knew that God had led me to an exceptional school. As I stood in the schoolyard wondering how I would be received, a line of students passed by, welcoming me into their home and community.

Walking into the building each day since, I’m reminded of the smiling faces and cheerful “good mornings” from that day, and it makes me even more eager to begin our journey together.

Exciting things lie ahead for the students of St. Mel’s Academy – a devoted and compassionate staff, an incorporated interdisciplinary curriculum, and a lifetime of memories.

Looking forward to the up and coming academic year, as the newly appointed principal, I would like to wish the St. Mel’s families a happy and healthy summer.



Ms. Schneider