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Miss Michelle and Mrs. Kisch

Dear Parents,


We had a very good first week! The children are feeling very comfortable and are so happy to make new friends! 

Our new friends are:

Brinley                                   Lauren         Remote Classmates-  Asher

Dylan                                      Issac                                                 Philip  

 Ellie                                        Wyatt                                                Owen

Colette                                    Irene                                                 Roger

Chloe                                    Sabrina                                              Anthony


Our assistant director is Ms. Lucy!   Our assistant Pre-K C teacher is Mrs. Kish


Our Theme this month is”Welcome to Pre-K!”

Next week, we will be reviewing the color, “blue!”

If you want to send in something that is blue, we will be happy to share it!


Have a Great Weekend!

Miss Michelle and Mrs. Kish


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