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    September 21 – September 25

We made it through week one! Onto week two!  The color of the week is orange, and the shape of the week is an oval.  We will glue orange ovals onto a large orange oval.  We will sponge paint a basketball shape for the color orange as well.   This week we will begin a unit on Fall- We will read some books about apple picking, make an apple craft and do an apple taste test.  On Friday  we ask that your child wears the color orange to school.  We will have an edible snack that is orange 🙂 Friday is our school Virtual Pep Rally,  More information to follow this week) the nursery will participate in this event, lets show our school spirit! We will have our first fire drill as well which can be a little scary for some children so we will speak about what to do in case of a fire drill and what to do when we hear the loud bell in school. We stop everything, line up and follow the teacher outside.  We will also watch a short video about fire safety.


                                                                  September 14 – September 18

We are looking forward to our first full days of nursery school,  so much to learn and do!  Friends to meet, finding our way around the classroom (our cubbies, lockers and chairs) schedules to learn- snack time, center time, prayers and pledge…story time,  circle time, smart board… So many things to do!  For some of your children it may be the first time away from home, this is a big adjustment for them and you!

We are proud of them this is not easy to do 🙂

During our first week of school we learn about our class, friends and the schedule we will  introduce the color RED.  We will glue a red pieces of paper onto a red circle. We will be making a firetruck for the color red and read Clifford Goes to the Firehouse. We will even able to play in a red rice table! (sensory bin) 

Helpful hints to help ease your child into the routine of nursery school.

Sleep is very important…be sure your child has a good nights rest

Try your best to be on time school… we know its hard for the little ones but it’s an easier transition for them if they come in on time.

Be sure to pack a healthy snack, and make sure to label their lunch box, cups, containers.  We try our best to make sure all items are returned home, if their items are labeled it helps us tremendously! If your child is full time, we stress the same for the lunch box as well

Students should be “potty trained” to enter our nursery program.  We understand children will “accidents”,  we will do our best to walk them through changing their clothes but please note that if they have a bowl movement, we are NOT permitted to change them by law and we will call to have someone come and change them. Sorry 🙁

We like to get very involved in our art projects, science projects etc! Please dress your child appropriately. Please keep in mind to send them in clothes that they are able to use the bathroom in. (They usually wait to the very last minute and then tell us they need the potty)

Half day dismissal is at 11:30, we will dismiss from the 27 ave doors.  It takes us a few days to know everyones faces please be patient with us while we do… If  the parent or regularly scheduled person on pick up duty has changed please notify us in advance (by a note or phone call to the school).

Full day dismissal is at 2:00 we will dismiss from the 27 ave doors.  

Virtus training- Any parent that would like to volunteer in any capacity at St. Mel’s Catholic Academy must be virtus trained.  Please check the school website for additional information regarding classes for this training or go to to find a time and location convenient for you:)

Class Dojo- We will use this app as an additional way to keep you informed on classroom happenings, behavior and upcoming events.  Please look for an email from Class dojo/Miss Krista’s class during this week if you would like to participate.  It is not mandatory but is highly recommended 🙂 Thank you!