Mr. Stein’s September Message

Dear parents,Principal Mr. Stein


The children, faculty, and families are excited to be back at St. Mels Catholic Academy for the 17-18 school year. The summer gives everyone a chance to rest and relax, and be back to school as the students hit the books again. It brings such joy to my heart to hear the halls and classrooms of the school full with voices and learning.


The year begins with many events planned in September that give our community the time to come together. First, we look forward to the first day of school on Wednesday September 6th. Students in all grades will be back and begin another successful year. On September 11th the annual Meet the Teacher will be held in the church where every school family from nursery though 8th grade will hear the state of the academy address. Then all families are welcome to go to their childs class and meet the teacher. All St. Mels catechists will come together for catechetical Sunday on September 17th. St. Mels Catholic Academy will be full of spirit for the big pep rally in the school yard on September 22nd lead by our Parent Academy Association.


In October we look forward to more events and happenings at St. Mels that will bring energy and enthusiasm to our school. The second week of October the students will take the Terra Nova exams and show their knowledge of math, reading, writing, and vocabulary. The Parent Academy Association will hold both Halloween parties on October 20th and 27th. The PAA has a long tradition of putting on an amazing Halloween party complete with a haunted house! All students and families are invited from nursery through 8th grade!


This summer the Art Studio committee has been diligently working to make our new Paint C.A.N. Art Studio a reality for the students of St. Mels. The new room will contain new tables & chairs, easels,  painters sink, a SMART Board, ELMO projectors,  a computer with the  ADOBE Photoshop graphics program,  cork display boards, drying racks, full & new supply of art materials to include paint, watercolors, pastels, pencils, crayons, brushes, etc. Many people are working to make this space a beautiful remembrance and honor to Mrs. Nicholson, and students will discover and find their talents in the room for many years to come.


Thank you all for your continued support and dedication to our parish and school, and may God continue to bless St. Mels.


Mr. Christopher Stein