Mr. Stein’s December Message

Dear Parents,Principal Mr. Stein

            So many wonderful events took place in November at St. Mel’s Catholic Academy, and we look forward to a memorable December as well.

            To celebrate and honor our veterans, St. Mel’s students made cards and wrote letters to local veterans. These letters were given to lift the spirits of ill veterans, and to remind them that we appreciate all that they have done to protect our freedom. The walls of the school were also decorated to honor our service men and women. Pictures of veterans related to students and family were hung in the main hallway for all to see. We should never forget the sacrifices our veterans have made to protect us.

            Our students in grades 3, 5, and 7 are benefiting from the Arts in Residency program offered by the Diocese. Trained theater coaches and teachers come to St. Mel’s and work with our students on play writing, film making, and even Shakespeare! Our students are enjoying hand on learning as they creatively grow within the arts. It is our hope that the arts program will spark the imagination of our students for years to come.

            The 8th graders went to the 9-11 Memorial and Museum. There they solemnly and reverently learned about the events of 9-11 which changed the world. The 8th graders also went to the memorial garden next to St. Mel’s and made still life sketches. Lastly our 8th graders received their graduation rings on November 22nd. Their rings and the event marks the first in many celebrations as they joyously finish their final year at St. Mel’s.

            As we begin the season of Advent, students will prepare for the coming of our Lord with projects, assignments, and prayer. Students and families also look forward to the annual Christmas party made possible with the efforts of the Parent Academy Association held after the parish tree lighting on December 8th. Our students and teachers are hard at work preparing for the Christmas pageant on December 20th. I can’t wait to hear the students of St. Mel’s sing and bring the Christmas spirit to life

            Thank you for continually supporting our academy. We are very blessed to have such a vibrant and dedicated community. On behalf of everyone at St. Mel’s Catholic Academy, may you have a happy and blessed Christmas filled with joy and love


Mr. Christopher Stein