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Teacher: Miss Murphy

March Character Trait

Our character trait for this month is: 
This month, please spend some time talking to your child about what it means to be  


St. Patrick’s Day

“Who needs luck when we have so many great friends in first grade?” 

March is the month to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. In first grade, we like to think of all the reasons we are LUCKY!!! In first grade, we are lucky enough to have such amazing teachers here at St. Mel’s that take care of us. We are lucky to have amazing friends in ALL the grades. We all play together and take care of each other, no matter what grade we are in. We are luck to have our families too! These people care for us everyday in and out of school. We are lucky when we have amazing people in our lives. 


St. Mel’s first graders are exploring:

ELA: We are always learning a variety of things in ELA. In reading workshop, we are learning how to fluently read stories. We are also learning how to make connections, ask/answer questions, why authors organize text a certain way, and about different text features. First grade is constantly learning new spelling words, so they can expand their vocabulary as well. In writing workshop, the kids will begin working on a “research essay” based on an informational text. In phonics, the kids are always learning about and practicing with short vowels and blending words. 

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Math: Our math our first graders are learning place value. They are learning how to break up numbers into groups of tens and ones. The students are using their math work mats as well as manipulatives to help them understand how numbers can be represented as tens and ones. They start by working with numbers up to 20 before moving forward and working with numbers larger than 100. 

Social Studies: Our current unit in social studies is called, “We are Americans.” Through the use of virtual field trips, realistic items, and stories, we have been exploring different traditions in the United States. Previously, we explored symbols that represent the U.S. We also learned of important American Documents such as, the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Currently, we are beginning to explore the different traditional songs that are sang all around the United States. How fun! 

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Science: Our current unit in science focuses many different aspects of Earth. It starts by focusing on the sun, moon, and stars. Through this unit, the children will explore each of these ideas. They will learn how the Earth rotates 1 full time in 24 hours. They will learn how the Earth’s rotation changes where the sun shines. The children will look at the moon and learn why the moon has many different shapes when we look up at the sky. Our first grade scientists will also learn how to use a telescope to explore what can not be seen by looking at the day/night sky. They will learn about the stars we see during the day and at night. Through a variety of videos, realistic materials, experiments/labs, reading, and writing, the first graders will become more familiar with the Earth they live on and the sky as well as space above them. 

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Religion: Everyday, our first graders learn how to live a religious as well as spiritual life. Our children learn how live how God lived and to live by his rules. They learn that it is important to be kind, caring, and loving towards others. Our motto in first grade is: treat others how you would want to be treated. We explore a variety of scripture stories, where we learn how Jesus helped others (ex: Jesus healed blind men he passed on the side of the road). Through our discussions, we explore why we think Jesus did the things he did or if he would have done anything differently. We put ourselves in Jesus’ shoes, so that we can better understand how to live a good Catholic life. 


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