Faculty and Staff Directory


  • Reverend Joseph Fonti, Pastor
  • Mr. Richie Diaz,  Interim Chairperson of Board of Directors
  • Mrs. Amy Barron, Principal (abarron@stmelsacademy.org)
  • Mrs. Daniela Volpe, Assistant Principal (dvolpe@stmelsacademy.org)

Office Staff

Early Childhood

Toddler Time / Mommy & Me
Ms. Lisa Sheehan (lsheehan@stmelsacademy.org)
Ms. Pat Viscovich – Para (pviscovich@stmelsacademy.org)

Nursery 3-Day
Mrs. Krista Laurenzano (klaurenzano@stmelsacademy.org)
Mrs. Phyllis Frey – Para (pfrey@stmelsacademy.org)

Nursery 5-Day
Ms. Cheryl Nelson (cnelson@stmelsacademy.org)
Mrs. Gigi Kisch – Para (gkisch@stmelsacademy.org)

Pre-K A
Mrs. Laurie Drazevic (ldrazevic@stmelsacademy.org)
Mrs Roseann Werthmuller (rwertmuller@stmelsacademy.org)

Pre-K C
Mrs. Fiona Diago (fdiago@stmelsacademy.org)
Mrs. Anita Garcia – Para (agarcia@stmelsacademy.org)


Mrs. Donna Scigliano (dscigliano@stmelsacademy.org)
Ms. Janine Brady – Para (jbrady@stmelsacademy.org)

1st Grade
Ms. Samantha Murphy (smurphy@stmelsacademy.org)

2nd Grade

4th Grade
Ms. Jennifer Boccia (jboccia@stmelsacademy.org)

5th Grade

Middle School

6th Grade

7th Grade
Ms. Laura Castelli (lcastelli@stmelsacademy.org)

8th Grade
Mr. Timothy Doyle (tdoyle@stmelsacademy.org)

Special Subjects 

Ms. Michelle Goguen (mgoguen@stmelsacademy.org)

Mrs. Julie Mansour (jmansour@stmelsacademy.org)

Mr. Rudy Albert (ralbert@stmelsacademy.org)

Physical Education
Mrs. Cathy Quinn (cquinn@stmelsacademy.org)