8th grade Immigrants


The 8th graders have been working especially hard this year! They have just finished their cross-curricular project on Immigration, which they presented to their parents as well as the 5th-7th graders. They did a terrific job on their research project! They dressed up as their assigned Immigrant group, created beautiful poster boards and even brought in food!

Currently in ELA we are reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. They will begin their newspaper project to dig deeper into the time period of the novel and explore what trial the novel was based on. In Religion class the 8th graders are learning about vocations and how to truly listen to God’s calling. Next week the 8th grade class will we celebrating their first milestone on their road to graduation, Ring Day! Students will attend mass and then receive their class rings. As always, the 8th graders are very excited for this special event. We look forward to continuing to work hard and having a wonderful 8th grade year! Congrats to the St. Mel’s Girls Soccer Team for winning their Championship game! Way to go girls!