2nd Grade Culture Fair

We have been working hard on our social studies unit about cultures and diversity. The students have been learning a lot about other cultures.  Now, we are focusing on the cultures of their family! This unit is very important, not only because it covers numerous state standards, but also because there are diverse cultures found right here in our classroom! Students must learn to respect the similarities and differences among their classmates, peers, and all people. By understanding that everyone is unique in his or her own way, students will be able to see that each of us is part of the melting pot!

As a culminating activity for this unit, students are going to be having a culture fair at school on Friday, June 9th. This is a half day, so the fair will be from 10am until dismissal. At the culture fair, we are going to display student work and research.  The students will be asked to dress up in clothing from their culture and bring in a delicious dish to showcase the food from their family’s culture as well! This project will be completed partly at school and partly at home. We will create cultural dolls, writing pieces, and maps of our cultural heritage. Please look for a packet about the culture fair that will be sent home early next week.

This is going to be a wonderful experience for each student! I look forward to it and I hope you all do as well!